Thursday, 23rd November, 2017


On Sunday mornings, the church family begin by worshipping together for 20-30 mins. The children are then invited to go into groups until the end of the service. Junior church members sometimes make a contribution to the service by using puppets, writing and saying prayers, sketches or readings.
·        Key stage 2 & 3 ( from school year 5 upwards) meet with Mick, Mike or Louise to have their own study and discussion using material from the Scripture Union LightLive website.
·        Key Stage 1 (from school year 1 and up to school year 5) meet with Hannah, Catherine or Joyce to learn about Bible stories and their truths through drama, craft and play, and also use the Scripture Union Lightlive material.
·        The pre-school and early years group gather with Margaret supported by Mary, Rachel or Anna for ‘See and Know’, an exploration of simple Christian truths through songs, craft and play. Parents or carers are welcome to support their child in this adventure or to stay in the service. From time to time parents may be asked to take a turn on the support rota.